Gerenssa Consultores está compuesto por un equipo de planta y un equipo de consultores asociados, que nos permite encarar con solvencia y profesionalidad todo tipo de estudios, investigaciones y consultorías vinculadas al desarrollo económico, social y territorial.

Eduardo Pando

Eduardo PandoExecutive Director

Master Economist in Social Project Evaluation, with more than 15 years of experience working with multilateral cooperation agencies, bilateral and experienced at a regional level, in countries such as Guatemala, El Sal...

Marco Villarroel

Marco VillarroelProgram and Project Manager

Economist, with 8 years of experience in preparing consulting studies, specialist in preparation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects of social impact, in design, organization and implementation of field...

Grisel Cossio

Grisel CossioFinancial Administrative Manager

Auditor, extensive experience in accounting, administrative processes, management of the rule on taxes, labor and employer contributions to social insurance in the short and long term and in labor matters.

Yobert Mamani

Yobert MamaniFinancial Management Assistant

Administrative assistant in Gerenssa with extensive experience in processing before IN, AFP, ministry of labor, financial entities, in the collection of information through surveys and focus groups and in implementatio...

Esteban Morales

Esteban MoralesAssociate consultant

Bachelor in Legal Sciences, Diploma in Management of Local Economic Development, Master in Administrative Law with extensive experience in coordination of municipal development projects, planning, monitoring and evalua...

Camilo Pradenas

Camilo PradenasAudiovisual producer

Sociologist, specialized in making documentary videos. He has developed more than twenty documentary videos for Gerenssa on different topics, such as urban revitalization, child health, food security, neighborhood impr...

René Chávez

René ChávezConsultant

Civil engineer expert in mobility and transport. Extensive experience in the preparation of urban mobility studies, roads, transportation, BRT systems, non-motorized transport, urban environment. He has worked in diffe...

Carmiña García

Carmiña GarcíaConsultant

Bachelor in Sociology, specializing in gender, political education, citizen participation and cultural management; specialist in management and analysis of focus groups, application of in-depth interviews, participant...

Pablo Fernández

Pablo FernándezAssociate consultant

Economist by profession with more than 17 years of work experience in technical positions and several of them responsible in public and private administration, actively participating in planning, monitoring, monitoring...

Santiago Tumoine

Santiago TumoineConsultant

Econometrist, master in finance and law degree, with more than ten years of experience as a consultant in information systems for the financial sector in France. Performing activities mainly in the conceptualization an...

Álvaro Solares

Álvaro SolaresSenior consultant