18 Apr

Start of the evaluation of the project "Adding Voices"

Start of the evaluation of the project "Adding Voices"

On April 4, we began the evaluation of the project "Adding Voices, Multiplying Actions: CSOs defending rights and prevention and protection networks of specific groups in Bolivia" for UNITAS (National Union of Institutions for Social Action Work), with a consultancy start-up workshop between the project team and the evaluation team.

UNITAS, through this project, financed by the European Union and CAFOD, has sought that human rights and fundamental freedoms are protected and promoted by the Bolivian State within the framework of the obligations assumed at the national and international level, guaranteeing their full enjoyment and a favorable environment for those who defend them; in this sense, promote the recognition of the role of rights defenders, which is essential for the guarantee and safeguarding of democracy and the rule of law.

The evaluation seeks to provide relevant European Union services, stakeholders and civil society in general with an independent global assessment of the performance of the project “Adding Voices, Multiplying Actions: CSOs Defending Rights and Networks for the Prevention and Protection of specific groups in Bolivia”, paying special attention to their different levels of measured results in relation to their intended objectives; and the reasons behind these results as well as the main lessons learned, conclusions and related recommendations in order to improve current and future interventions.